Economic modeling of Hepatitis A Virus (HAV) vaccination strategies

Following the 2005 recommendation, vaccinations for HAV increased dramatically for those individuals indicated by the recommendation. However, pockets of unimmunized individuals remain, including individuals born prior to 1997 in the 11 states where HAV was historically twice the national average, and individuals born prior to 2004 in intermediate and low incidence areas. In this project, CAMP extended a previous economic model of HAV to assess the cost-effectiveness of catch-up vaccination campaigns in specific young age groups. This project is conducted in partnership with scientists in the Division of Viral Hepatitis.

Cost-Effectiveness Analysis of Catch-Up Hepatitis A Vaccination Among Unvaccinated/Partially-Vaccinated Children

Hankin-Wei A,Rein D,Hernandez-Romieu A,Kennedy M,Bulkow L,Rosenberg E,Trigg M,Nelson N

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